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Riverfront Housing

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Algonquin Clock Tower at Cornish Park

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Mixed-Use Development | Riverside Plaza

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Cornish Park Gazebo

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Downtown Shops Along Route 31

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Commercial Development in Downtown Algonquin

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New Residential Condominiums Along Route 62

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The Village of Algonquin Downtown Planning Study begins with a fundamental question:

"What land use, economic development, access/circulation, open space, and aesthetic improvement opportunities are presented within the Downtown as a result of the proposed Illinois Route 31 Algonquin Western Bypass?"
While the Village Downtown Revitalization Plan and Streetscape Plans, East Side Neighborhood Plan, Comprehensive Plan, and Bike and Open Space Plan have established the general “vision” for this significant community asset, the proposed roadway project now allows for strategic reconsideration of meaningful portions of that vision so as to establish market supportable development and implementation initiatives that may not have been available otherwise. The Downtown Planning Study that is now underway is a collaborative planning process that will create an improvement and implementation strategy that will further allow the Village to position itself to promote its downtown strengths, capitalize on its assets, and re-establish the area as an integral multi-use district for the community and a premier downtown destination.


The Downtown Plan will identify properties that are appropriate to support new mixed-use/multi-use developments, residential product types and densities necessary to support expanded retail/commercial uses, extension of downtown streetscape improvements to adjacent blocks, integrating pedestrian-friendly amenities along IL Route 31, and maximizing multimodal connectivity throughout the area.

In order to engage meaningful and informed public participation, the following is a list of documents that are available for review and/or comment:

Check back often for project news, announcements, and accessible documents for review and comment.

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DRAFT PLAN RECOMMENDATIONS!!! Draft Plan Recommendations for the Downtown Planning Study plan can be accessed below. Please review and send us any comments you might have. Thanks to all who have particiapted in and attended the public meetings and open house events throughout the planning process! Your input has been invaluable.
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