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WELCOME to the Elgin National Street Station Area Plan web portal. In this portal you will find all of the relevant planning documents, updates on progress, and a calendar of events related to this project. You can offer your comments and feedback at anytime using this site. Just click on the Comments tab and fill out the short comment form provided. We hope you will participate.


Anticipating the demand for diverse, mixed use, and transit-oriented development as Elgin continues to grow and attract investment, the City officials have displayed tremendous foresight in creating a Master Plan for the National Street Station Area as a future transit village. The purpose of this study is to assess the feasibility of the site for supporting multi-modal development, develop conceptual transit-oriented land use plans, formulate a circulation and access plan and transit-supportive design guidelines, and provide detailed steps for successful implementation to ensure quality of development in and around the future transit village while unifying the transit village with the downtown Center City district and surrounding neighborhoods.

The National Street Station Area Plan is intended to help the City accomplish several important goals and objectives. The goal is to create a clear, concise Plan that the City Staff, Planning Commission, City Council, and development community can effectively use in their respective capacities. The Project will seek to attain the following goals:

  • create a financially viable plan to achieve sustainable transit-oriented development;

  • provide affordable and convenient transportation alternatives to residents and employers by connecting Metra and Pace service;

  • enhance the southeast area with an attractive mix of pedestrian-oriented development; and

  • increase Elginís economic strength and competitiveness while protecting natural resources and enhancing the environment.

Each of the key tasks will be derived from a thorough evaluation of existing patterns of development, and visioning process with community stakeholders, while also being mindful of the unique characteristics and on-going and past planning initiatives of the City.


Public involvement is the key to the success of any project. Realizing this, we will be utilizing various techniques to gather public input during the planning process. These include, but are not limited to Image Preference Surveys, Planning Workshops, Design Charrettes, and Interactive Project Websites.

We welcome your interest an encourage you to participate via this web portal and in the public meetings.


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